A Place To Call Home | Lyrics

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A Place To Call Home
well her mother was a rocking-chair
her father was a loft
her only other kin
was an old grandfather clock
and ever since she could recall
her dreams were all of windows and doors
well her mother would rock her
grandfather tick-tock her
papa in the rafters
sang of happy-ever-afters
each in their own way
trying to make her stay
but knowing one day
she’d chase the wild wind
born upon the ocean
and fathered from a star
his mother was the moon
and he soon broke her heart
when weaned upon the wind
she found he had a taste for solid things
for he dreamed of dry land
he dreamed of the road
he dreamed up a plan
for a permanent abode
and he railed against the sky
and thrashed against the tide
but by-and-by he landed high-n-dry
oh father oh mother
i’ve travelled so far
and i’ve still got a long way to go
oh and time moves so fast
it’s all ashes and dust
and it’s over before you know
got to find me a place to call home