Every Little Feeling | Lyrics

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Every Little Feeling
i packed my bags and i started walking
pack my bags and i’m gone
i tell myself i ain’t never coming
never coming home anymore
i saved up a few pennies for a rainy day
throwing caution to the wind and leave town
and i got no intention to be found
i gave you all that i have to give
but still you wanted more
but i got no time now for all that shit
so why don’t you just take it all
you’re rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
the party’s over and the ship’s going down
and i won’t be there to save you when you drown
i’m sick and tired of being civilised
wanna rip it up and start over again
just me and myself and a starry night
when i can remember who i am
so i tip my hat to the sun
and i hitch my cart to the moon
i’m not sure where i’m going to
but i know i’m gonna be there soon
while you’re busy writing cheques
you aint never going to cash
the world’s gone to trash
oh and now you try to pin that shit on me
well i can’t be responsible
for every little feeling that you feel