Frangelico Kisses | Lyrics

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Frangelico Kisses
each time i see you i swear it takes me back
to a place in time when everything seemed to be on track
a boat ride at yarrabend a picnic in studley park
cold nights dirty weekends all the good stuff
rolling a smoke on the porch at the martin street house
memories still hang in the air but with the colour drained out
promises easily made but harder to keep
like i promise i’ll quit after this well talk is too cheap
and you said baby i really like you
you said baby i’m intrigued by you
i said one day you’ll see there is no mystery here
but kiss me ‘til then my friend my lover my dear
do you remember i remember when we first met
i thought all the good ones were gone but there was one left
i held you in my mind before i held you in my arms
now as i hold you in my eye i hold you in my heart
and i said baby you’re so so beautiful
i said baby this feels so good
if this is what bliss is frangelico kisses
then bliss me again my friend my lover my dear